Never in a million years did I think that I would talk about poop on a daily basis. Yet, one of the biggest questions I have for patients who come to see me is, “How’s your poop?” The answer could be an indication of how healthy their gut is.

In my integrative medicine clinic, I see every day that dietary counseling is essential for most people. It always excites me to see the changes many experience when they clean up their diet. The cleaning-up part isn’t drastic! It is simply transitioning from a standard American diet full of highly processed, sugary foods to a more anti-inflammatory diet, rich in vegetables, healthy meats, grains and fats. I see weight loss, the return of energy, and often improvement in things like joint pains, heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue and more.

What I didn’t expect was the number of people who claim a perfect diet yet they lose no weight or their physical complaints don’t improve. I’m a doctor. I like to heal people. When what I recommend doesn’t work, I’m not a happy camper.

The good news is, this frustration motivates me to figure out how to help these folks. In my research, I’ve found a common theme. Chronic fatigue, resistant weight loss, auto-immune diseases and multiple allergies – and that’s just for starters – all seem closely linked to diet.

I also find it’s not just about the food. Rather, it’s about how food interacts with our gut. Given that, maybe talking about poop isn’t so weird after all!

In my next blog, we will discuss the gut, what it is, why it matters, and why looking at your poop may actually give you a lot of information about your health!

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