In the latest "Meet the Healers" segment, Dr. Wagner sits down with Marie Krull, Energy Coach and Healer. Watch as they discuss what energy healing is, some common misconceptions about energy healing and how it can help just about anyone. A summary of notes from the interview are posted below this video.

0:14 – Dr. Wagner discusses her introduction to alternative healing methods like energy healing

1:08 – Introduction to Marie Krull, Energy Coach and Healer

1:51 – Marie defines “intuition” and how to know when you’re tuned into your own intuition

2:20 – Marie shares how she stumbled onto energy healing and how growing up in England helped shape her belief system

3:02 – “We are all energetic vibrational beings, we all operate on a frequency.” Marie shares how our energetic centers work on a cellular level.

4:45 – Energy healing modalities can include acupressure and reiki.

5:28 – What is a healer? “Someone who helps you unlock all of your potential within you. I am just a facilitator.”

6:47 – Both women share what an energy block is and how they can originate

8:17 – What happens when someone with a block or trauma works on an energetic level

8:25 – How food and exercise work energetically – low vibration vs. high vibration

9:39 – Energy can be transferred by thoughts and words, just like when you talk to your plants.

10:33 – How spirituality compliments and integrates with traditional medicine

12:17 – “Spirit” is different for everyone, but it’s always the connection between the individual and their Higher Power.

13:00 – Using your intuition to discern who to work with

13:37 – What a typical treatment and session looks like with Marie

14:51 – The use of sound therapy in energy healing and how Marie uses it

15:38 – Physiological benefits of resting and receiving therapy and healing of any kind

16:40 – Energy circuit demonstration

17:45 – How energy affects your physical body

Special thanks to Marie Krull for taking the time to share more about her work and how energy healing is a step beyond conventional medicine in the Greater Green Bay community.

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