As an integrative medicine physician, I see patients from all walks of life with all sorts of reasons for seeking out my care. People want help with a cancer diagnosis, gut disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction and much more.

What I discovered quickly as I developed my practice, was that no matter what the issue was for the patient, food had to be part of their treatment plan. I found myself saying the same things repeatedly in the clinic setting and I knew there had to be a better and bigger way to get this message across.

While I could help people individually in my clinic, I could also help the community with an effective food program. Thus, my program Food for Fuel was born.

In Food for Fuel, I partner with people during their transition from the standard American diet (SAD), to a more ideal clean diet. The results have been amazing and the process so rewarding for me as I see my patients and clients revolutionize their relationship with food.

Recently, as I traveled to Chicago, in a rush to get home from a long weekend away, I skipped lunch. As I grabbed the healthiest options at the gas station on my way home, I remembered a good friend commenting on how I should help people make choices to eat clean when the choices aren’t easy.

He said, “Lynn, you should do a live video at Kwik Trip just like one you did at Festival Foods showing people how they can eat healthy there.”

Brilliant! Challenge Accepted!

(For those of you not in Wisconsin, Kwik Trip is a convenience store like 7-11 or any other mini-mart you may have in your area.)

From my friend’s suggestion, this video was born. Have fun with us and watch this video as my friend Kerry Geocaris and I walk through our local Kwik Trip and discuss how you can eat clean just about anywhere!

In a nutshell, here’s what I want you to take away:

  1. Read the labels – learning to read labels is critical to clean eating. Learn which things to avoid.
  2. Keep is Simple – stick with foods that have the fewest ingredients: whole eggs, cheese sticks, nuts, bananas
  3. Drink Clean – stick with water, sparkling water, tea or even coffee. Stay away from diet sodas, sugar sodas, fountain drinks, flavored coffees
  4. Be Realistic – if you are trying to eat super clean, the gas station probably isn’t the best route
  5. Don’t do it every day – Gas station food should is not the best everyday food. It’s what you can eat when you’re “in a pinch”!
  6. Keep a stash – Think about keeping a stash of clean food in your vehicle for times when you are in a pinch.

I’d love to hear from you – pop me a note in the comments section below and let me know what you learned watching this video!