I am thrilled to introduce you to one of my Food for Fuel® alumni members, Delaney. While her incredible photos speak for themselves, I want to take you into Delaney’s story and her transformation.

Lack of Veggies Can Tax Your Body

As a 20-year-old college student, Delaney felt a calling to make a change. She was learning how to process emotions in a healthy way, and wanted to do the same with her body.

Almost everyone around you is drinking and eating microwave meals and fast food,” she shared.

Although Delaney wasn’t eating a lot of fast food or drinking sugary soda, she was lacking knowledge on how to eat whole foods, plant based diet that would give her optimum energy and well-being. She felt stressed physically and struggled with gut issues.

Clean Eats for the Soul

Having gut issues and feeling stressed and disconnected from what she was eating, she signed up for the Food for Fuel program not even considering the physical transformation that would take place. It was all about the mind-body-soul connection (Love that!!).

Her main motivation was to get into a healthy routine and pay attention to emotional cues with her eating habits. That kind of intuition is something I want my patients to experience in their lives. It is the catalyst for a lasting change and your healthiest lifestyle!

Challenges and Moral Support

Delaney shared that the beginning of the program wasn’t without its difficulties:
“The first few days were really hard and I was in a fog. But after that, nothing but greatness.”

It’s true. The first few days can be difficult, but the beautiful thing is, I talk about this and walk you through the program day-by-day. In addition, there are other alumni (and current) “Foodies” in the group which helps you know what to expect.

I have it down to the day I think most people will start to feel a shift in how they feel. Although those first days can be challenging, the shift is beyond amazing as your body responds to clean eating. It is even more fun as we all share in the experience together in the food group.

During the program, some really neat things started happening for Delaney which I see over and over in people who do the food program:

“I was really bloated and that went away. My skin got clearer. I had tons of energy that my family and friends noticed. I started appreciating my body more and my self-confidence increased. I wasn’t as irritable. My PMS wasn’t as miserable.”

Coming Full Circle

Now as an alumni member, she stays in the program each month for the Facebook Group and continued check-ins from me and other members in the group. We’ve loved watching Delaney own her new way of eating. She’s shared some incredible full-circle results:

“I know how to respect my body as a whole and I think that has greatly impacted and influenced my self-image. I care about myself so how I walk, talk, and smile reflects that. I don’t worry about my weight or get down on myself for the food I eat. I don’t have to diet. I don’t have to count things. That has helped with anxiety a lot.”

“I have respect for my friends and family not on the plan and doing other programs such as Weight Watchers. I can talk to others about food and educate them when they are genuinely interested rather than trying to fix them.”

“When you fall off track it isn’t the end of the world, you can always come back to Food for Fuel. The main goal is to honor your body and hunger cues. If you want cake because you just want cake, then that is ok! If you want it because it is a trigger or emotional source, then it is time to dig deeper so you can honor your body.”

You can follow Delaney’s journey on her blog, Del’s Diary.

(Individual results may vary)

Is it Time to Make a Change?

No matter what age, stage, or challenges in your life, there is always room to make a healthy change. My Food for Fuel Program is a great way to jumpstart! Click the image below to be notified of the next enrollment period.

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