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Strengthen your Relationship with Food, Enhance your Family Connection and Learn to Nourish your Body

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What we put in our bodies directly affects how we feel, think, and live out our daily lives.

Do you ever feel ....

  • Like you have no willpower when it comes to your food choices?
  • Tired, moody, sluggish for no apparent reason?
  • Too busy to eat healthy?
  • Frustrated when it comes to whole foods - there is so much you can't have?!

The good news is that we are in control over what we put in our bodies and ultimately, WE have the power to bring ourselves back to health.

Even better? Good food doesn't have to be so hard.

Grocery shopping doesn't have to be so overwhelming. Cooking doesn't have to be frustrating. Being busy shouldn't deny you the fuel you need to keep going.

In Food for Fuel, I help you break all of it down into a manageable process that you can use for life.

Food has personally been a major component of my healing and growth and it's my passion and mission to bring people together, teach them how to get back to basics and connect more in the kitchen.

As an Integrative Medicine physician, the principles in this program have been transformational not only in my life but in the lives of my friends, patients, clients and their families. I'd love the opportunity to help you on your journey as well.

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Your Instructor

Lynn Wagner, MD
Lynn Wagner, MD

As an integrative medicine physician, my role is to direct you on the path towards optimum health. I can teach you to live a life more in balance ultimately leading to greater wellbeing and joy. Whether you struggle with physical or mental symptoms, an integrative approach is the best way to go.

Experience physical transformation

Once you are applying core concepts from the plan, you'll likely experience:

- A noticeable different in your body - both in its shape and how it feels
- Clearer skin and visible improvement in overall complexion
- Increased energy
- Improved sleep
- Better concentration, focus, and mood

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Dr. Wagner’s food program taught me new ways to choose, prepare, and eat food that my body truly needs and wants. I learned how simple it is to make healthier choices. She is full of knowledge and tips to make it work for anyone and she makes it fun!

Natasha VandenBush, Service Account Manager

You know you are in the right place when you WANT to go to the doctor! Working with Dr. Wagner is exhilarating and empowering. Her programs brought our family health, love, and connection!

Kerry Geocaris, Life Coach and Motivator

Develop a healthier relationship with food

This course dives into our relationship with food and we will work together to repair it. You'll finally be able to:

- Create a healthy connection with food
- Stop counting calories and restricting foods
- Enjoy foods you may have learned to avoid
- Have fun in the kitchen
- Enjoy eating and not worrying about how much to eat or what to eat

Enjoy a better family connection

As a Mom, I know how hard it is to get your family excited about healthy eating. But I also know it's possible to:

- Encourage family involvement and increase connection in the kitchen
- Learn together how to incorporate healthier lifestyle and eating habits
- Bond through healthy food preparation and enjoying your food together
- Teach children how to fuel their bodies and honor their food, developing habits for life
- Empower children to make healthy decisions and help in the kitchen

Lynn helps you change your relationship with food by focusing on all you can eat instead of saying no to all the things that don’t fuel your body. The group format helped everyone stay accountable. It was also great to for asking questions and sharing recipes. After two weeks, I felt less bloated and my skin was beginning to clear up!

Abby Reckinger, ESL Program Support Teacher

The Food for Fuel program was a major lifestyle improvement for me. Happier digestive system, improved athletic performance, and feeling healthier overall. Support from the group over the first two weeks was crucial and Lynn did amazing answering all of our questions.

Nick Reckinger, Sales Engineer

Program Schedule:

Over the course of four weeks, you'll receive weekly content, printables, worksheets, and videos that cover:

Orientation and Prep:

The 5 day orientation and prep phase includes:

  • Program materials
  • Welcome video
  • Videos and handouts on cleaning your pantry and fridge, prepping your kitchen
  • An invitation to our private Food for Fuel Facebook group

The Plan:

You will receive grocery lists and meal plans at the beginning of the program. You can choose to follow them or make your own recipes. I will be providing guidance via videos covering how to shop, prep food, cook and overall food education. You will have an amazing support network in the group with whom you can rely and share.

Program Wrap-Up & Transition:

There will be a week of transition where you can reintroduce foods back into your daily eating to understand what foods are right for you. You will feel what it truly means to fuel and nourish with food.

Results have been improved mood and sleep, clearer skin, more energy, improved self-image, more productivity, feelings of empowerment, and a healthier relationship with food.

At this time, you can choose to continue on to a second phase which includes introducing foods back into your daily eating to understand what foods are right for you so you can maintain your results.

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With this program, there are plenty of choices to eat delicious, healthy food. For us, having a meal plan to follow and a group of people to support each other and offer suggestions, really helped. We were surprised at how quickly our bodies reacted; we didn’t crave/want sugar or bread at all. I recommend doing this together, we made it a fun experience and it is much easier if all the unhealthy food is removed from your home and everyone is on board.

Shannon Gille & Scott Richardson, Community Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
Food for Fuel runs 4-5 times per year. Enter your info at the bottom of this page to get on the waitlist and you'll be the first to know when the next session is launching. You'll be welcomed into a private Facebook group where you'll receive support from Lynn's team.
How long do I have access to the course?
During the course of the program, you'll have unlimited access to this content across any and all devices you own. At the end of the four weeks, you will have the option to stay on as an alumni member and receive continued support and feedback via the Facebook group.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! Please feel free to contact me with any questions leading up to enrollment as once you are in the course, there are no refunds. I am here for you though, and am happy to work through any issues you are having in the course or with the content!
Why was Food for Fuel Started?
When I began my integrative medicine consultative practice, I realized very quickly that the majority of my patients could improve their health by changing what they ate. The world of dieting nutrition is complex and there are so many expert opinions out there. It is hard for people to know who to trust, what to read and what diet to follow. I had extensive experience and education on nutrition began to share this with my patients through one on one appointments in my clinic. As I began to see trends in what I was teaching and the questions my patients were asking, I developed a course that covered all of the common material my patients needed and Food for Fuel was born.
Why is Food for Fuel different than any other "plan" out there?
Food for Fuel is unique in that it is run very personally by a physician (ME!). My foodies (students in Food for Fuel) are part of my life. During the course, they get daily emails and videos from me leading them through the transition from a typical American diet to a “clean” whole foods, plant based diet. Throughout the course we interact in our closed Facebook group, sharing photos of food and anything related to a healthy lifestyle. It is like having a doctor in your back pocket. I find that this, in addition to the comradery of being in a group of individuals who are currently going through our have gone through similar transitions makes the program unique and sets my foodies up for success which is so rare to find in the world of dieting.
What is clean eating?
Clean eating is eating a diet that decreases inflammation in your body which is one of the greatest sources of chronic disease and suffering (heart disease, diabetes, obesity). I describe it as a whole foods, plant based diet, full of plant sourced foods like vegetables, grains, legumes and fruit in addition to healthy fats and healthy sources of animal protein. Clean eating also means staying away from or minimizing the foods that increase inflammation like highly processed foods, unhealthy fats and sugar.
Can I have an occasional glass of wine on the program?
Yes. For the first two weeks, I encourage my foodies to stick to the food list 100% for maximum benefit. Wine is not on this list. After two weeks, you can re-introduce wine back into your diet in moderation if you choose. If you have wine during the 1st two weeks, it will not ruin your experience and I help people navigate this.
What are some stores that offer on-plan options?
If you are from the Green Bay area, there are multiple areas where you can get plan friendly food. I love to shop at Waseda Farm market where you can find both fresh and frozen food AND plan friendly to-go items like hummus. Otherwise Festival, Woodman’s Cosco and Aldi’s have great grocery options for eating clean. When I go out to eat, I try to stay with restaurants that buy local, fresh food and/or have great seafood options. Most restaurants will cater to you if you make specific requests. One of my favorite go-to requests is grilled salmon on a salad or with a side of roasted veggies…almost any restaurant can do this for you!
Should I be taking extra supplements during Food for Fuel?
I recommend that you don’t change anything about your medications or vitamins during Food for Fuel. Some medications like those for heartburn and allergies may not be needed as much as you start to eat clean! Always talk to your doctor when attempting to change your meds or supplements.

When you realize you basically lost half of a person. Transforming is pretty damn cool. Sometimes you need to look at where you were to appreciate how far you've come. It's not about losing weight.

It's about what you GAIN. I have gained confidence, a loving relationship with my body, intuition, happiness, and so much more.

I had to lose myself to find myself. I didn't gain the weight on purpose, it was out of my control. I took control of my life and took baby steps to holistic health and happiness.

Appreciate the journey, if you are always looking at the end result you will miss so many beautiful moments 🌿

Delaney Francis, Student and Blogger

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