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Master clean eating
once and for all.

Get the tools, recipes, and expert guidance you need
to make healthy eating feel like second nature.

When it comes to your health, numbers don't lie.

We all arrive at a place where we can't ignore the facts anymore. Everyone's place may look different but the feeling is universal: undeniable confirmation that change is needed.

You might be standing in your kitchen when you read over your lab results and your blood sugar shows a value in the "pre-diabetic" range.

You might be sitting in a doctor's office, explaining that on a scale of 1-10, your pain is at a "6" on a good day.

You might be playing with your kids and realize that it's only been 8 minutes and you're already out of breath.

You might find yourself at your desk, craving a diet soda at 2 p.m. This is how you make it through the rest of your day, every day.

Or maybe you're in a really good place and since you've got so much to live for, you want to live your healthiest, fullest life. You're not really sure which area to start optimizing.

So you know that you need to make some changes, but where do you begin?

The simplest and most impactful place to start is with the food you eat.

There's just one little problem…

Most diets don't work.

You've calculated your macros, logged your calories into your phone, you might have even tried a pre-packaged food service.

Pre-packaged foods left you feeling starved, restrictive rules stressed you out, and scouring specialty stores for ingredients you never were able to find haven't made this journey any easier.

The times you didn't give up out of pure overwhelm, you found yourself completely drained from trying to do it perfectly.

It's no wonder we struggle to feel successful when it comes to our food choices.

Success with food means it has to become second nature.

When you've done other diets, you might have had a good stretch where extra weight started coming off.

Your energy probably started to bounce back and you thought you had this thing down! But then something happened and took you off course.

Maybe it was a birthday party… or a vacation… or a tragic event… or an injury…

Whatever it was, you felt yourself gradually fall back into your old eating habits and wondered how you'd ever be able to get back on track again.

You don't need another diet, you need a lifestyle change.

Introducing Food for Fuel.

Food for Fuel is a medically-backed food and wellness program created and led by Dr. Lynn K. Wagner.

It's been designed to bring a sense of calm back to the kitchen and foster a lifestyle change that will last forever. This is not another diet.

This program is delivered over four weeks and is facilitated completely online. Program tuition includes lifetime access to video lessons, printable resources, and one month of group coaching with Dr. Wagner.

Group coaching takes place in a private members-only Facebook group and is designed to help you stay accountable and get answers directly from the expert who wrote the program.

Learn more by watching the video below:

Eating food should never feel complicated.

Once you've started to implement the core concepts of the program, common experiences include:

  • Noticeable difference in your body shape and how it feels
  • Increased energy and better sleep habits
  • Improved concentration, focus and mood
  • Heightened awareness of unhealthy eating patterns and your trigger foods
  • Fun in the kitchen as you prepare recipes that are equal parts clean, healthy and delicious

Marie's Story

"I was feeling horrible before starting the program, and now I have lost weight, my skin is great, I no longer have congestion or need allergy pills. Also, my aches that I didn't realize I had, have disappeared! The Facebook group keeps me accountable and helps motivate me. If you're thinking about it, just do it! Dr. Wagner is an amazing person - so down to earth!" - Marie Krull

Click "play" on the video below to watch Marie's inspiring story of transformation through Food for Fuel.

Experience the power of lasting change.

Food for Fuel is the signature food and wellness program written by Dr. Lynn K. Wagner. The interactive experience includes a blend of teaching, coaching, and community.

Features include interactive course curriculum (with progress tracking), daily check-in emails during the program, and group coaching in a private, members-only Facebook community led by Dr. Wagner.

"I lost a lot of weight after taking Food for Fuel, but the best part is all the things I've gained! I've gained confidence, a loving relationship with my body, intuition, happiness and so much more."

- Delaney Francis, Student

"I was able to get healthier by changing the foods I ate without having to count calories, count points, use little measuring cups or add a bunch of stress. I love that I can take small steps towards health and that this program was so simple to follow. Dr. Wagner is so real - the program is all about giving yourself grace."

- Wendy Schultz, The Simple Life Decor

"After completing Food for Fuel, I have more sustained energy throughout the day, I sleep better, I have clearer skin, and I kicked my soda habit! My husband and I both lost weight, and I learned new recipes, too. My kids even became more interested in trying new foods and helping in the kitchen."

- Sommer May

Get started now!

Imagine being in a new place where fueling your body with clean, simple food is your reality.

It’s the same place where you don’t feel guilty for eating “off-plan” but feel in-tune with your body’s signals.

In this place, you intuitively know how certain foods make you feel and make a conscious choice to eat them or not.

Getting back “on-plan” is easier than ever and your overall health is showing measurable improvement.

Foodies that have completed and implemented the program have reported these measurable results:

  • Improved blood pressure
  • Weight loss
  • Improved blood sugars
  • Improved BMI
  • Decrease in number of prescription medications
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Energy level and mood
  • Exercise tolerance

Your Instructor

Lynn Wagner, MD
Lynn Wagner, MD

As an integrative medicine physician, my role is to direct you on the path towards optimum health. I can teach you to live a life more in balance ultimately leading to greater wellbeing and joy. Whether you struggle with physical or mental symptoms, an integrative approach is the best way to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
Our next Food For Fuel Launch will be January 27, 2020. You can enroll in the course prior to ensure that you are ready to begin on this day!
How long do I have access to the course?
During the course of the program, you'll have unlimited access to this content across any and all devices you own. At the end of the four weeks, you will have the option to stay on as an alumni member and receive continued support and feedback via the Facebook group.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! Please feel free to contact me with any questions leading up to enrollment as once you are in the course, there are no refunds. I am here for you though, and am happy to work through any issues you are having in the course or with the content!
Why was Food for Fuel Started?
When I began my integrative medicine consultative practice, I realized very quickly that the majority of my patients could improve their health by changing what they ate. The world of dieting nutrition is complex and there are so many expert opinions out there. It is hard for people to know who to trust, what to read and what diet to follow. I had extensive experience and education on nutrition began to share this with my patients through one on one appointments in my clinic. As I began to see trends in what I was teaching and the questions my patients were asking, I developed a course that covered all of the common material my patients needed and Food for Fuel was born.
Why is Food for Fuel different than any other "plan" out there?
Food for Fuel is unique in that it is run very personally by a physician (ME!). My foodies (students in Food for Fuel) are part of my life. During the course, they get daily emails and videos from me leading them through the transition from a typical American diet to a “clean” whole foods, plant based diet. Throughout the course we interact in our closed Facebook group, sharing photos of food and anything related to a healthy lifestyle. It is like having a doctor in your back pocket. I find that this, in addition to the comradery of being in a group of individuals who are currently going through our have gone through similar transitions makes the program unique and sets my foodies up for success which is so rare to find in the world of dieting.
What is clean eating?
Clean eating is eating a diet that decreases inflammation in your body which is one of the greatest sources of chronic disease and suffering (heart disease, diabetes, obesity). I describe it as a whole foods, plant based diet, full of plant sourced foods like vegetables, grains, legumes and fruit in addition to healthy fats and healthy sources of animal protein. Clean eating also means staying away from or minimizing the foods that increase inflammation like highly processed foods, unhealthy fats and sugar.
Can I have an occasional glass of wine on the program?
Yes. For the first two weeks, I encourage my foodies to stick to the food list 100% for maximum benefit. Wine is not on this list. After two weeks, you can re-introduce wine back into your diet in moderation if you choose. If you have wine during the 1st two weeks, it will not ruin your experience and I help people navigate this.
What are some stores that offer on-plan options?
If you are from the Green Bay area, there are multiple areas where you can get plan friendly food. Festival, Woodman’s, Costco and Aldi’s have great grocery options for eating clean. When I go out to eat, I try to stay with restaurants that buy local, fresh food and/or have great seafood options. Most restaurants will cater to you if you make specific requests. One of my favorite go-to requests is grilled salmon on a salad or with a side of roasted veggies…almost any restaurant can do this for you!
Should I be taking extra supplements during Food for Fuel?
I recommend that you don’t change anything about your medications or vitamins during Food for Fuel. Some medications like those for heartburn and allergies may not be needed as much as you start to eat clean! Always talk to your doctor when attempting to change your meds or supplements.