The healing power of food with Dr. Lynn K. Wagner | Dr. Lynn K. Wagner

LIVE EVENT - The healing power of food with Dr. Lynn K. Wagner

The food you eat directly affects how you feel and think throughout your day. That’s why Dr. Lynn K. Wagner, an integrative lifestyle medicine physician with BayCare Clinic is offering a night of food demonstrations and teaching designed to help you change your relationship with food.

There will be Latin-style foods to sample, such as plantains and shredded chicken, as well as tips and recipes that will enable you to change your eating habits. Dr. Wagner also will answer questions related to food and clean eating. Complimentary drinks will be included.

Some benefits of improved eating habits are:

- A noticeable difference in your body shape

- Clearer skin and improved complexion

- Increased energy

- Improved sleep

- Better concentration, focus and mood

Location: Starry Realty, 112 N. Broadway, De Pere, WI 54115

Date: Wednesday, August 30

Time: 6 to 8 p.m.

Cost: $35 per person

Once you complete your purchase, no tickets will be mailed. When you arrive, someone from the team will welcome you and check you in under the reservation list.

Please note this is a LIVE event and will not be available online. You must register in advance. Space is limited.

Your Instructor

Lynn Wagner, MD
Lynn Wagner, MD

As an integrative medicine physician, my role is to direct you on the path towards optimum health. I can teach you to live a life more in balance ultimately leading to greater wellbeing and joy. Whether you struggle with physical or mental symptoms, an integrative approach is the best way to go.